Bulong Estate

Tell me about your The Beginning!

We were in the same graphic design course for 3 years. Being shy and introverted in nature, we didn’t really interact with each other until our final year when we sat at the same group of tables.

Before we properly met, we had seen each other before during presentations – Josh was the type who only showed up when assessments were due. I immediately took notice of him as I liked how he sounds and Josh took notice of me (well…of my presentations because they were better than his haha).

There was a little unspoken competition going on.

Our conversations went from assessment-related questions to more personal ones. Josh would always ask me for help and I was happy to oblige as I had a crush on him. At that time he liked another girl, but as we got to know each other better, that all changed.

When and where did you get engaged?

We got engaged after the second big lockdown had ended in Victoria. Josh was waiting until the 5km rule would ease so he could propose – he had been holding onto the ring for months waiting for the right moment.

The plan was to go for a ‘picnic’ in Williamstown and watch the sunset. We both had time off so we can relish in the freedom brought by eased restrictions. And amongst all the other things we had planned, Josh was just really looking forward to the sunset. One detail that completely slipped our minds was that it was daylight saving time, so we walked around for hours – about 20,000 steps – waiting for the sun to go down.

After all that sunset anticipation, the sun disappeared completely behind the clouds and heavy rain promptly followed. We hopped back in the car, and Josh proposed there. The best thing was this little light in the ring box that had the effect of a disco ball in our car.

What style/theme/colours have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

I can’t say there was a specific theme we were going for. The one thing we knew from the beginning was that we wanted a relaxed and casual wedding vibe.

We chose the colours with the surrounding greenery in mind, earthy and natural tones to compliment the vineyard and flowers that we’ll have. We were focused on creating a balance between aesthetic and practicality when it came down to deciding decorative details of the wedding. Basically, we could have items that didn’t belong in the same theme but still worked in terms of colour. Just simple and minimal.

What are you most looking forward to on the Wedding Day?

We’re looking forward to the moment when its official and having a good time with our friends and family. Also, we’re excited to see each other in our outfits.

Top Tips!

The earlier you can do the food tasting, the better.
Invest on the things you care most about for your wedding.
Save money by repurposing decorations. The less you have to throw away or pack up after the event, the better.

Aira & Josh’s Dream Team

Venue: Bulong Estate

Catering: Happy Camper Pizza

Florist: blossomsandco.com.au

Photographer: My Scandi Style

Dress Designer: Jenny Yoo

Dress Boutique: The Bridesmaid Studio

Suit Designer: Politix

Make Up Artist: Elly Liana

Hair Stylist: Teighan Lee

Donuts: Short Stop