Collingwood Children’s Farm Wedding // Shannon + Bron

Wedding brides with dog at farm

Tell me about your The Beginning!

Bronwyn and I met at the downstairs of a seedy nightclub. We were briefly introduced through a mutual friend (my friend and Bron’s roommate at the time). Bron left shortly after we met, then returned about 30 mins later and tried to take my drink right from my hands! I asked if she wanted it and when she looked up and saw it was me she was mortified and walked away. I didn’t see her the rest of the night. A few days later she added me on social media and apologised for trying to steal my drink. I responded saying it was fine and suggested I take her out and buy her a drink – the rest is history…

After the first time we hung out properly, Bron asked if I wanted to go to hers for pizza. I jokingly said I would only go over if she would watch the Wimbledon grand final with me (knowing full well it would be hard to find on TV/ watch it). When I got there, she had the tennis on. Bron hated tennis at the time but watched it with me and listened to me spit out stupid facts about Serena Williams and tennis. She is now a bigger fan than me.

When and where did you get engaged?

Bron proposed on 14 February 2020 at the Merri Creek trial. I had gotten home from work and she prepared dinner and a picnic. She asked if I wanted to go to the beach and I said “lol no, it’s too far to get to, let’s just go to the creek”. So off to the creek we went. Bugs were flying everywhere and Bron set up a cute little picnic. Bron read this really nice messaged to me from her phone – I still hadn’t cottoned onto anything and started looking at campervans for our next trip (which was cancelled thanks to COVID). She had to interrupt me and said “one last thing” when I looked over at her, the dog had a sign that said “will you marry my mum” and Bron had a ring out. I was shocked and asked if this was real. I cried then said yes! It was actually really nice and beautiful. Bron hates that it was at the creek and not at the beach but I don’t care.

What style/theme/colours have you chosen for your Collingwood Childrens Farm Wedding Day?

Oh, this is such a hard one. We are still trying to figure this out! I think there will be yellow and white flowers on the exposed wooden tables in the barn, but I am so indecisive who knows if this will change the morning of the wedding (my friend is the florist).

What are you most looking forward to on the Wedding day?

Seeing all my friends and family and just celebrating!

Top Tips!

Write a to do list and give yourself time to plan/ make decisions if you are as indecisive as me!

Shannon & Bron’s Dream Team

Venue: Collingwood Children’s Farm
Photography: My Scandi Style Photography
Celebrant: Married by Jules
Florist: Lavander and Lily
Hair Stylist: Dreamcatcher Bridal

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