Tell me about your The Beginning!

We met in November of 2018 on Bumble, only a few days after Nicholas arrived in Australia on a working holiday visa. We chatted for days, messaging back and forth before deciding to meet in person. We met in the city for our first date where Tyler showed me around the city and showed me all the wonderful scenery that Melbourne has to offer. We ended up going on the tram and walking around the city like we’ve known each other our whole lives. Some funny memories I remember is when Tyler started talking half the time I had no idea what she was saying because her accent was so strong and i kept saying can you repeat that please? We ended up having lunch at a place called the pancake parlour and one thing that we both still chuckle about is how our waitress had this mole on her cheek that was super hairy and I found it funny but Tyler didn’t say anything so I thought I better not joke about it to her. Something reminded us of that later that day and we both realised we both thought it was funny but were being sensitive to if the other didn’t think it was funny.

When and where did you get engaged?

Nicholas had a lot of free time to plan this because we were still in lock down, Nicholas was looking at resorts in Victoria and ended up finding a gorgeous place in Torquay, Nicholas took the risk and booked it and it paid off because the lock down was lifted between metro and regional Victoria , Nicholas then told me he was taking me to Torquay for a romantic getaway away for my birthday. We arrived in the hotel and Nicholas signed in and said we received 2 free scratch tickets. After exploring our hotel room Nicholas recommended that we do our scratch tickets and maybe we could win something that would pay for our dinner. After I got 3 rows in I came scratched off a “WILL YOU MARRY ME” and I continued scratching Nicholas then went on one knee and said ” Will you” I was so surprised and so excited the tears started coming down and I said of course I will.

What style/theme/colours have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

Our wedding is at the Zoo so lots of greenery and then lilac was my chosen colour for flowers and little details in the reception.

What are you most looking forward to on the day?

•Having pictures with the giraffes.
•Having all our family members in the same country and that they finally get to meet.
•The cake & food
•Just the excitement of the whole wedding day experience.

Top Tips!

•Find yourself a future husband whose good at finances hahah
•Honestly getting quotes from lots of different companies, don’t always go for the first option.
•Join wedding groups on Facebook, so so helpful and nice to know other people are feeling the same way you are.

Tyler & Nick’s Wedding Dream Team

Venue: Melbourne Zoo
Celebrant: Lee Sedgwick
Florist: Bayside Weddings & Events
Photographer: My Scandi Style
Dress designer: Zavana Bridal
Hair & Make-up: Karly Drever
DJ: Only DJ’s Melbourne
Cake: Mad About Cakes

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