The Ranch

Jess & Kaleb - The Ranch Wedding
Jess & Kaleb - The Ranch Wedding
Jess & Kaleb - The Ranch Wedding
Jess & Kaleb - The Ranch Wedding

Tell me about your The Beginning!

We met at a beauty and the geek themed birthday party when Jess was 14 and Kaleb had just turned. It was one of the bridesmaid’s birthdays actually! We chatted away throughout the night but
nothing really came about until we kept running in to each other on the way to school in the
mornings. The run-ins slowly got more intentional and soon turned to dates on the Mordialloc
foreshore. It didn’t take long for us to ‘make it official’!

When and where did you get engaged?

Having been together for quite some time, we had always spoken about our engagement and what
we envisioned it to be. We said we’d love our families to be there and for it to be a shared celebration.
COVID-19 gave us a run for our money though and so after 7 years together, we’d decided it was time.
Jess was at home one day when Kaleb texted her and told her to take Winnie (our pup) for a walk. This
was out of character for Kaleb as he would usually want to come with us. Things started to click for
Jess pretty quickly from there and she remembers calling her mum on the walk and saying ‘it’s
happening! I think it’s actually happening!’. Mum was quick to humble her and ensure that she didn’t
get her hopes up but then another text came through – ‘All good, you can come home now’. Winnie
and Jess walked quicker than they probably ever have and were welcomed with candles, flowers and
beautiful music at the front door. Kaleb took Winnie and lead Jess over to the dinner table where
flower petals covered the surface. He poured Jess a glass of wine and told her that dinner was on it’s
way. Jess was a blubbering mess by this point – it honestly still feels like a dream. As we sat there
together holding hands and looking at each other, Kaleb shook his head and said ‘dinner is taking too
long, let’s do it’, before getting down on one knee and asking Jess to marry him. It still gives Jess

What style/theme/colours have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

Having been together for a little while, we had spoken about our wedding multiple times and shared
ideas of what we wanted it to be like. The most important thing to us was that we really got to share it
with our families. There isn’t so much a ‘theme’ as there is a ‘vibe’. We just want everyone to be
comfortable and enjoy themselves – but will a little bit of pizzaz!

What are you most looking forward to on the day?

We’re most excited to be able to call each other husband and wife – it just feels so surreal! We can’t
wait to share so many moments with each other that we’ll look back on for the rest of our lives. We’ve
got everyone staying with us on site at the venue so we’re really looking forward to it being a weekend
as opposed to just a day!

Top Tips!

Do what makes you happy. It’s up to you and your partner to decide how you want the day to go!
Everyone there is only there to support you and share the love – so it’ll be amazing regardless.

Jess + Kaleb’s Dream Team of Vendors

Photographer: My Scandi Style
Venue: The Ranch
Celebrant: Celebrant Melbourne
Dress Designer: Grace Loves Lace
Dress Boutique: Grace Loves Lace
Make Up Artist: Denise Carrasco & Skye Mazalin
Hair Stylist: Dreamcatcher Bridal
DJ: Celebrant Melbourne
Cake Maker: Treats by Annie Warnock