Tell me about your The Beginning!

Sarah was a vet nurse and Nathan had a crazy pointer puppy. There was an instant attraction. After a
few months ‘randomly’ bumping into each other, Sarah got the courage to slide into Nathan’s DMs.
For the first date Nathan took Sarah to a Local lookout.

When and where did you get engaged?

We got engaged on 18.4.2021 at home, at the dining table after eating breakfast.
Nathan attempted multiple times to propose to Sarah over the years, but with Bushfires and Covid
getting in the way of all his romantic gestures he ended up just asking the question at home.

What style/theme/colours have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

Rosey Sunset, deep red and earthy tones.

What are you most looking forward to on the day?

Being surrounded by our friends and families while we celebrate our love for each other. Over the last
few years we have been so restricted with travel that we haven’t been able to see so many of our
loved ones. Hopefully it will be a happy time for everyone attending.
Also due to covid we actually have never been to the Warburton forest or Riverstone estate, so have
had to imagine so much or rely on our vendors for guidance. So actually going to these places for the
first time will be magical.

Top Tips!

Start planning and organizing early. We found picking a weekday, rather than a weekend to get
married appeared to be so much easier to find availability at Venues and with Vendors.

Sarah & Nathan’s Dream Team Vendors:

Dress Designer:
Dress Boutique:
Make up Artist:
Hair Stylist:
Cake Maker:
Car Hire:
Lounge and Accessories:

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