When did your wedding day become about everyone else? It seems like so many couples spend all that time planning, worrying about pleasing everyone, and stressing themselves out - only to end their wedding day realising they barely got to enjoy it, and that it wasn't really what they wanted, at all. Eloping is about reclaiming your wedding day - to make sure you actually get to have a good time marrying the love of your life. This is the beginning of your marriage - and shouldn't it start off exactly the way you want it to?

Elopement photography on your special day

A curated image slideshow to celebrate the highlights from your day, with music.  

+ Online Slideshow

Sized and ready for sharing across your social media channels 

+ Online Gallery

From morning to night - with packages starting at 2, 4 or 6 hours, tailored to your schedule. 

+ elopement coverage

A password-protected gallery you can access, anywhere and anytime. 

+ High-Resolution Images

Perfectly sized and ready for you to print at any size.

+ Low-Resolution Images

Whether it’s via Zoom, over the phone or in person, if you are ready to Elope we’ll make it happen!

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The Elopement Photography Process And How It Works


+ 6 Hours Coverage
A half day elopement package for couples who want to have an adventure after the ceremony

+ High resolution photos
Perfect for print

+ Online image gallery
To share with family and friends

+ Low resolution images
Perfect for sharing on social media

Perfect for couples that just want everything included!

an epic elopement

+ 4 Hours Coverage
A half day elopement package for couples who want to have an adventure after the ceremony

+ High resolution photos
Perfect for print

+ Online image gallery
To share with family and friends

+ Low resolution images
Perfect for sharing on social media


The most popular package is the Ultimate Elopement Package, covering all the good bits.

an ultimate elopement


+ 2 Hours Coverage
I’ll be there not missing a beat

+ High resolution photos
Perfect for print

+ Online slide show & gallery
To share with family and friends

+ Low resolution images
Perfect for sharing on social media

Covering all the important parts of your special day.

elope now

The elopement photography near me search is over. The elope Victoria Melbourne Australia photography space certainly has a fair share of talented elopement wedding photographers. My unique point of difference, however, is the attention to detail I give to every single couple when they elope. I’m not just there on your elopement day. I do extensive homework prior, learn who you are as a couple and how I can best encapsulate your relationship in your elopement photos. As you can probably tell, it is my passion to deliver the best elopement photography for every client, no matter their elope wedding Melbourne needs. I have a relaxed and unobtrusive approach to elopement photography which makes things easy and simple on your special elopement day. I know the last thing any couple wants is added stress which is why I make sure I always bring a dose of light-heartedness and plenty of laughter with me. If you’re looking for candid elopement photography and/ or elopement wedding packages in Melbourne Victoria, with me, eloping will be a lot of fun.

A photographer that specialises
in elopement photography




"Wow, just wow, we have just received our images back, they are seriously amazing, we are so happy, Kelly was fantastic on our wedding day, so helpful and great at given us suggestions because we weren’t the most comfortable in front of the camera, we had plenty of laughs and that helped! We can’t recommend My Scandi Style Photography enough!!"

ashley & sean

"Kelly was so great to work with and made the photos for our wedding day so easy..
Really liked her preparation and professionalism and it was really grea to have a few shots released to us within 24 hours! The photos are amazing! Thank you"

peta & ben

"Thank you so much for everything you did, before, on and after the day..
We couldn't be happier with our photos and are so excited to have such amazing memories"

tilly & andre

When deciding to keep things simple and elope (elopement wedding), no matter the simplicity of choosing to elope vs a big elaborate wedding, you still want the moment to be a magical one. Photography can be the cherry on top when it comes to taking the most memorable photos to ensure you capture your special moment and savour every minute of your special elopement wedding day for years to come. It could be hot and sunny, a beautiful sunny spring day, or cold and rainy. No matter the weather or conditions, I work closely with my couples to take incredible elopement photos that take advantage of the weather, no matter what the day’s weather forecast throws at us. Having fun and embracing the special moment for what it is is the key to capturing the best elopement photos, so you can look back and always remember your special elopement exactly as it was.
For those couples searching for elopement photography, your search ends here! In those moments when you say ‘I do’, I’ll be there to capture beautiful elopement photography of you. 
I work closely with couples to determine exactly what they’re looking for and why they’ve chosen to search for elopement photography packages. Elopements come in all different sizes and factor in all different budgets. This is why I tailor elopement photography packages to suit each and every couple—no rigid one-size-fits-all here. I’m a big believer that when you make the leap of faith into marriage, beautiful photography shouldn’t cost the earth and like choosing to elope, photography can be kept simple yet special and remarkable. The elopement photography cost can vary depending on your unique needs, but I’m here every step of the way to understand your budget, your desired elopement wedding photography outcome and how you wish to present the images from your wedding day..

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