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1:1 Mentorships for Photographers

Your customised Mentor session. Tailor-made to your specific learning needs.
Meeting you where you are and guiding you to where you want to go.

Hey, I'm Kelly.

A bit about my journey so far.....

I captured my first wedding in Feb 2020, by March I had resigned from my sales job and and even through we had just embarked on lockdowns I was able to grow my photography business from home and the journey to becoming a full-time photographer forged ahead from there. At the time, there was limited online education for wedding photographers, and few professionals in the industry were willing to share their insights. I want to be the support I wished I had all those years ago.

Fast forward to late 2020, and everything started falling into place, within just 12 months, I transitioned from barely making $50k to establishing a thriving multiple six-figure business. So, why am I sharing this with you? Because it's possible, and you can achieve it too.

Here are some notable highlights of where I stand in 2024:

  • I generate 300+ leads annually and am booked out 12+ months in advance.
  • I have photographed 200+ weddings
  • I have the capacity to capture 50-70 weddings each year.
  • Plus, I get the flexibility of doing school runs and managing my calendar to suit.

How can I help you?

1:1 Photography Mentorship

Are you eager to elevate your photography game and transform your passion into a thriving business? New to wedding photography and need to up your skills? Look no further – my mentor sessions are designed to empower you with comprehensive knowledge and skills that encompass both the business and practical side of running a successful photography business.

In these sessions, we delve into a wide array of photography topics to refine your craft. We dissect the art of editing, exploring the techniques that breathe life into your images. You'll gain mastery over lighting, whether it's the enchanting allure of natural light or the precise control of artificial sources. Posing and directing couples will become second nature, allowing you to capture their love story with finesse. On the business front, we have a trove of business topics to explore. We'll craft a stellar marketing strategy that ensures your work receives the recognition it deserves. Personal branding will set you apart as a unique artist, while enhancing the client experience will earn you raving reviews. A streamlined workflow will boost your efficiency, and we'll tackle the often-tricky subject of pricing. Finally, a comprehensive review of your website will ensure it serves as a powerful online portfolio.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Book a mentor session with me and unlock the keys to photography success.

Topics we can discuss:

Wedding Guides – Craft unforgettable moments for your clients

Web Wonderland: A Deep Dive into Website Review

Client Bliss: Elevating the Client Experience

Personal Branding: Carve Your Unique Creative Identity

Marketing Mastery: Crafting a Stellar Marketing Strategy

Business Brilliance: Navigating Key Business Concepts

Strike a Pose: Masterful Techniques for Posing and Directing Couples

Edit like a Pro: Uncover the Magic of Photography Editing

Pricing Perfection: Strategies for Pricing Your Services

Workflow Wonders: Streamline Your Photography Workflow


  • Share 1 topic you are wanting to learn more about. 
  • Craft a roadmap to conquer your dreams. 
  • Plus, enjoy the bonus of a recorded session to revisit and ignite your ambitions.

1 hr Mentoring Session

INvestment: $350 AUD



  • Share 1-2 topics you are wanting to learn more about. 
  • Craft a roadmap to conquer your dreams. 
  • Plus, enjoy the bonus of a recorded session to revisit and ignite your ambitions.
  • Join me as an assistant at a wedding

2 hr Mentoring Session

INvestment: $450 AUD



  • Share 2-4 topics you are wanting to learn more about. 
  • Craft a roadmap to conquer your dreams. 
  • Plus, enjoy the bonus of a recorded session to revisit and ignite your ambitions.
  • Join me as an assistant at a wedding

3 hr Mentoring Session

INvestment: $550 AUD


*This can be split into two 1.5 hour sessions

Looking for some extras?

Beautiful client galleries. And an incredible automated print store. 


great for creating wedding price lists and wedding guides


Game changing album design, I can create a wedding album is less that 30 mins

Pixellu Smart Albums

Use code: AROK1J3NR611AE

it's a CRM Software made for photographers, by photographers - I've used Studio Ninja for years now and just love thats it's a one stop shop, manage leads, jobs, invoicing and workflows.

Studio Ninja

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Culling and Editing


Booking Client Zoom meetings


Canva Wedding Guides

Shop our

3 Covers (choose your favourite)
Table of Contents (2 Options)
About Me (4 Options)
What to Expect (3 Options)
The Experience
Next Steps
The Process
Process Explained
Engagement Shoot Session
The Wedding Day
Getting Ready
First Look
Location & Light
All About the Details
Details Explained
The Timeline
How much Time
The Ceremony
Things to Consider
Just Married
After Ceremony Photos
Let's Party
Lighting and Speeches
Fave Vendors
Tips & Tricks
Back Cover (2 Options)


Canva Wedding Guide Template. You can add your logos, brand colour palette, fonts, icons — really anything that makes your guide look and feel more like you and viola, you're ready to go! This template comes with copy ready to go you are welcome to use — but I'd advise you to think about adding your voice in wherever you can, so that it sounds more like you! The copy I've provided you with is what I share with my own clients, but there's no right or wrong way to write your guide.


*Note this is a digital template not a physical product
- 1 PDF File containing a link to your editable
Canva template (
- Fully Customisable Wedding Guide Template (change fonts, colours, replace text and images

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"10/10 would recommend Kelly."

I can’t tell you how much of a game changer having Kelly as your mentor is! From the get go she makes you feel comfortable, competent and motivated! Without Kelly’s mentorship I wouldn’t be where I am today, she made me so much more confident starting out with Weddings, and now I’m booked months in advance. Having someone in your corner that’s experienced in the Wedding Industry is so helpful, whether you’re starting out or just looking for a bit of an education/motivation boost - Kelly is your person. She’s down to earth and so generous with her knowledge, you’ll have yourself asking why you didn’t book her mentoring sooner.

Hannah Briggs Photography

"Can I give someone 11"

Not only do you find a great mentor in Kelly but you also a friend. She is so knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions and once you have chatted to her for even 5 mins you are motivated to start the processes you have spoken about. I would not be where I am today if not for Kelly and her doses of wisdom! This industry is big and small at the same time but having someone in your corner who cares about you and your business is crucial. And Kelly did that for me. She will be the best decision you make for your business.

Belle martin photography

"I have so much more confidence"

Kelly was so informative and helpful as I was just starting out. Since then Kelly has has been the most amazing mentor and is someone I really look up to in this industry. She has given me the confidence I needed to get started on my journey in the wedding photography sector, boosting me up and giving me the most valuable tips and tricks along the way. The confidence I have gained since meeting her has allowed me to shoot my first wedding by myself and has started me on this new wonderful chapter in wedding photography. I would highly recommend jumping on board with Kelly’s mentor sessions she is a gem!

laura megan photography