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20 Melbourne Wedding Vendors I LOVE Working With

Wedding Planning

When it comes to planning a wedding there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. What? You thought a fairytale just happened!? Nope! You first have to make a lot of choices and plans before your dream-like day falls into place, and to help, I’ve put together a list of the best Melbourne wedding vendors to help make the process feel effortless. 

Obviously you want nothing shy of perfection and if you’re a maximiser you can spend hours flicking through vendors like you once flicked through the dating apps on your phone. But how do you pick the right one? Well, you clearly have good taste! And much like when picking your one true love, you need to have a few key elements to make the partnership work: trust, good communication, some compassion and understanding, great support … and, when things go awry, a sense of humour! 

These are my best Melbourne wedding vendors that will tie the day together allowing you to be fully present and tie the knot. 

Wedding Planners

Wild Heart Events

You keep them wild and they will keep you safe. Wild Heart Events is a one-stop shop that has you covered from head-to-toe on your wedding day. They’ll do everything for you without batting an eyelid. They can plan, coordinate, style and provide props and flowers. Danielle listens and connects to the vision of her clients. With her vibe and personality, she has an amazing way of creating beautiful memories around your day.


Anatomy Of Flowers

These guys love to create with a little flare and fun. The way they weave flowers together makes it seem as if your wedding is giggling in flowers, as they spill onto the tables and cascade from the altar like a waterfall. It’s floral wizardry. I love working with them because of their passion and open-hearted approach to life and their creations.

The Petalier

Not only does the Petalier have one of the best names for a florist but they have the best service too. They’ll work closely with you to reflect your personal style in your wedding arrangements, giving you a bespoke floral styling concept tailored to your wedding space. Their work will leave you speechless; they put the atelier into petalier and create arrangements that show off true skill and talent. Don’t take my word for it, go check them out for yourself!

Yarra Valley Blooms

Yarra Valley Blooms was started out of creative pursuits by a mother of three. Renee has a true passion for using the beauty of flowers to create art. She can tailor arrangements as per your requirements and she really has a talent for creating the most tasteful floral features for your Melbourne wedding flowers. If you look through her gallery on Instagram, you’ll see how she reflects the delicate beauty of a bride with the elegance of her floral arrangements.

Wild Flos

Wild Flos can make bespoke packages to specifically suit you, where you can be as involved as you like. Alternatively, if you want to keep it simple you can choose from one of their exquisitely curated packages. This is brilliant for the no fuss kinda bride who would like to tick things off their to-do list and know that they’re being well taken care of. They take care of signage, dining table decor, gifts table decor, stationery and florals. 

Wild Blooms Floristry

Wild Blooms is a mother-son duo that pairs impeccable customer service (always needed on a wedding day) and expansive knowledge of plant species and horticulture. If you have high expectations for your wedding floral elements, Wild Blooms will exceed them. A horticulturist’s plant acumen dances with his creativity resulting in a pirouette of beautiful, evocative and sometimes surreal ensembles. They don’t just arrange flowers – they understand them. 

Marriage Celebrants

Melbourne Celebrant Julie

Julie is the perfect celebrant if you want someone warm, bubbly and comedic. She has a natural ability to connect a room and has years of experience marrying couples. Julie is really great to work with, she’s a zestful lover of life, and you’ll feel comfortable around her from the get go. She breathes freshness into your ceremony and will make your day unforgettable.

Emily Hall

Emily Hall is an amazing marriage celebrant in Melbourne who can seamlessly fuse tradition with warmth and modern eloquence. She creates authentic ceremonies that are devoid of cliches and cookie-cutter readings – because I think at this point we know that “love is patient…” What is great about Emily Hall is that she also offers MC services allowing the receptions to run like a well-oiled machine. 

Shannon Jeans

Shannon Jeans is an incredible celebrant who’s gifted in guiding matrimony. She’s light-hearted, fun and professional – with the ability to adapt to her environment and read the room. She ties in humour with personal touches about the couples and gives a really authentic tone to the ceremony. She’s a great choice if you are thinking about a destination wedding or an elopement. 

Love Leah Celebrant

Leah is a bubbly and fun-loving celebrant that will instantly become your friend. She cares so deeply about each couple that she marries – and doesn’t take it lightly that she’s been bestowed this incredibly important task of setting the tone, not only for your ceremony, but also for your marriage going forward. She’s definitely a drink, eat and be married kinda celebrant!

Melbourne Wedding Videographers

High Up Films

Behind the camera at High Up Films we have cinematic storyteller Pia. She’s a magician when it comes to making you feel comfortable while she’s filming, leaving you fully in the present while she captures the candid magic. She’s also very talented at weaving the day together with music and highlights from the speeches pairing it with the footage from the day. She’ll be sure to make a wedding video that reveals who you are as a couple and will make you see just how cinematic your love really is! 

Down The Road Weddings

Down the Road mixes insane editing with fantastic footage taken throughout the day and then twists it all together with beautifully timed music that creates hype as well as soft-heartedness. Ruby is behind the scenes and her videos will send electric shockwaves through your body and make you want to rewatch them every day of your marriage!

Ena Wedding Films

Ena is a fantastic Melbourne wedding videographer and she too has something special to share with each and every couple she shoots. She astutely combines real-life sounds, words, music and footage together to create a video that will transport you back to the same feelings you had on the day. 

Where The Heart Is

Where the Heart is videography manages to exquisitely tie together your wedding day with shots that show the raw emotions, the quiet in-between moments and the big joyous celebrations shared by everyone. The opening shots are always something I love about Where The Heart Is as they captivate you in the very first second. 

Wedding Hair & Make-Up In Melbourne

Sophie Knox Makeup

When it comes down to it, on your wedding day you want to be the belle of the ball. The truth is, you want to look like yourself too. Well, enter Melbourne makeup artist Sophie Knox. This style of make-up is so subtly done that you’ll look absolutely ravishing but it’ll look like you ‘woke up like this’. I don’t quite understand how she does it but she creates such elegance to your look by defining your best features in the most jaw-dropping way. 

Anne-Marie Makeup Artistry

Anne-marie is a freelance makeup artist who’s incredible at enhancing each individual. She does it in a light and simple way so that it looks fresh. The best place to see some of her ‘before and after’ photos is on her Instagram page. Her artistry is in the subtlety of her colours, and highlights. She’s the ticket to making you look sensational on your wedding day, and taking any of the pre-wedding jitters away with her steadfast talent in the makeup department.

Belinda Tanswell Makeup And Hair

Belinda is also a freelance makeup artist and it’s easiest to find her on Instagram. She’s really fantastic at doing bridal make-up as she can suit your needs and make you stand out on your special day. If Belinda is on your team there is no way you will have those recurring nightmares about looking like Godzilla on your big day.

Wedding Cake Suppliers In Melbourne

Made About Cakes

Mad about Cakes is a boutique bakery that can sort out any special dietary requirement cakes custom-made to suit your individual, and perhaps fussy, little taste buds! These cakes are artisanal and have a flare of unusual chicness that will adorn your wedding day perfectly. Is it possible to enjoy a sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan cake? Mad about Cakes, is just mad enough to make it happen. 

A wedding photographer based in Melbourne, Victoria. I love to have a good time and capture candid, natural moments shared between loved-up couples and their favourite people. 

Hey lovers, I’m Kelly