A wedding photographer based in Melbourne, Victoria. I love to have a good time and capture candid, natural moments shared between loved-up couples and their favourite people. 

Hey lovers, I’m Kelly

The Riverstone Estate

Real Wedding

The Riverstone Estate offers some of Victoria’s most beautiful and unique ceremony locations, with a stunning hilltop view of the Yarra Valley’s natural surrounds.

Lawn ceremonies allow you to tie the knot in the open air, with the Valley’s natural beauty offering the perfect backdrop for your nuptials.

Alternatively, The Riverstone Estate offers a balcony ceremony set-up, giving guests a comfortable and sheltered area to sit while you are wed in front of our famous views.

All their packages include your ceremony and set-up, meaning you don’t have to worry about a thing on your special day. They offer the most stunning ceremony locations in the Valley, including an unrivalled wet weather option with rolling hill views.

Their professional and enthusiastic team can provide recommendations for fantastic local vendors, ensuring you have contact with the best talent in the Valley and surrounds.

The Riverstone Estate offers exquisite reception options for weddings big and small. From formal sit-down dinners to grazing cocktail lunches, their team works hard to create a relaxing and magical environment for all their couples and guests. Exceptional food and service will make your wedding reception a memorable one.

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Cameron & Jacinda’s Love Story

The year was 2011, Charlie Sheen was apparently “winning”, everyone was “planking”, and technology
would be revolutionised with the release of Spotify, Siri, and Pinterest! What a time to be alive!

Our main characters were just a couple of kids, students at the highly esteemed Strathmore Secondary
College. Although they were in overlapping friendship circles, they only knew each other by name, just
someone they passed occasionally in the locker hallway.

Then one night everything changed, the night that the stars aligned and sparks began to crackle, the
night of the illustrious school formal!

As the music was pumping and the scent of Lynx Africa mixed with Britney Spears Fantasy, the energy
on the dance floor was electric! Jacinda was quietly hanging out with her friends like the shy wallflower
she is, when a young, confident Cam walked over, ready to make his move!

All he said was “Hi”, but it was enough to catch Jacinda completely off guard and cause her to
immediately begin blushing with extreme nerves!

You see, while she didn’t really know Cam all that well, she’d definitely noticed him before, and she
maybe, definitely had the biggest secret crush on him!

And now he was speaking to her?! No freaking way!

Cam says it wasn’t a secret at all! He said it was obvious she was keen based on her reaction to a simple
“Hi”, but luckily he found it endearing and thought she was cute. So with such a fleeting interaction
at the school dance, our lovers had no idea that this would only be the beginning of their story…

A little while after, Cam and Jacinda were officially introduced by mutual friends, and they began to
spend more and more time together. In an ultimate test of compatibility that only makes sense if
you’re a teenager, one day a friend had them hug and said that if Cam’s pupils got bigger, it meant
that he liked Jacinda back!

While the jury’s still out as to whether or not this theory has any scientific backing, Jacinda says she
knew from that first hug, that she didn’t want to be with anyone else.

Eventually it got to the point where the two would stay up chatting all night long on messenger, never
running out of things to talk about. It didn’t matter that they had just hung out all day at school, the
nights were exclusively reserved for getting to know each other even more.

As the year was coming to a close, Jacinda and Cam were closer than ever and super keen to spend as
much time as they possibly could together. So, even though Jacinda told her mum that she was most
definitely going to the end of year celebrations at school, she actually ditched it to hang out with Cam!

But the rebellious lies and evil deceit were worth it, because a core memory would be made that day,
when Cam and Jacinda would share their first kiss at Queens Park.

Since then, Jacinda and Cam have achieved many a milestone and made many a memory together.

One that stands out to them the most is the first big backpacking trip they took together to China. As
they stepped off the plane, ready for an epic adventure, they recall having a bit of an “oh, shit” moment,
when they realised not one of the millions of people around them spoke a single word of English!

Regardless of how many tourists and business people must pass through that airport, check into hotels,
frequent the restaurants, and take part in activities, it seemed it was all done via everyone’s own
interpretation of charades!

But in the typical chilled-out Cam and Jacinda style, they took it in their stride and said to each other:
“well… I guess we’re on our own for a month!”

They made it work for a while and all was going well, so one day they hired an electric scooter and
planned to explore some bushland about an hour away from the hotel. There they were, the wind in
their hair, smiling and laughing, having the time of their lives, when next minute… the scooter went
flat! Damn it!

So now the day has turned into a mission to charge this thing up and get back, but no matter how
many charging stations they went to or how hard they tried, something was definitely busted, and they
just couldn’t get it going!

And since no one could understand them when they asked for help, this left Jacinda and Cam with a
very long walk back to the hotel, trying to read signs and maps and navigate it all on their own!
But not all was lost on the infamous trip to China – they also made it to Disneyland! Cam says the
most memorable moment from that day was watching Jacinda, in a state of complete and utter joy,
with the most gigantic smile on her face, as she watched the parade.

Back at home, these self-proclaimed weirdo’s love nothing more than listening to country music and
eating Asian food, surrounded by their many animals! Jacinda and Cam said that it should come as no
surprise to anyone here, that there are plans to add even more fur babies to the family in the near

Jacinda has never been able to see a life without Cam in it, not since their first Valentine’s Day when
he filled her school locker with a giant teddy bear and dozens of flowers!

Cam says he’s known Jacinda was the girl he wanted to marry ever since the time she put a photo of
herself in his wallet so that he wouldn’t miss her too much when he was away on a school camp! He
was just waiting for the right time, which would present itself on their 10-year anniversary…

He organised a surprise trip to Sydney and nervously planned as much detail as possible, wanting
everything to go perfectly. On the day in question, Cam instructed Jacinda to put on something nice
to go out for a fancy dinner. This made Jacinda suspicious… but she played along and dressed up!

On the way there, the cogs are turning in Jacinda’s mind, and she couldn’t shake the feeling that a
proposal was coming! So, no longer able to play it cool, she asked Cam point blank: “Are you going to
propose to me?”

So Cam is panicking, but kept a calm exterior, and turned all of his pockets inside out, trying to get
her off the scent! Phewf… crisis averted! Meanwhile, the ring was securely placed in Jacinda’s bag,
which Cam was carrying for her like the gentleman (or super sly dog?!) that he is!

They boarded a boat which took them to the beautiful Blue Point, with a stunning view of the Sydney
Harbour Bridge gracing the backdrop. A beautiful picnic awaited them, organised entirely by Cam, and
decked out with all of Jacinda’s favourite snacks.

After a few minutes had passed, Cam starts sharing how much he loves Jacinda, and encouraged her
to stand.. Then, in the most perfect way possible, Cam dropped to his knee and asked her to spend
the rest of her life with him.

Of course, she said YES! Cam says that just as he had hoped, the day was absolute perfection. Jacinda
says she’ll never forget the day that all of her dreams came true.

Cameron & Jacinda’s Wedding Dream Team

Venue: Riverstone Estate
Celebrant: Hitched by Heidi
Photographer: My Scandi Style
Flowers: Flowers by Allie
Cake: Yarra Valley Cake Company

A wedding photographer based in Melbourne, Victoria. I love to have a good time and capture candid, natural moments shared between loved-up couples and their favourite people. 

Hey lovers, I’m Kelly