Fondata 1872

Fondata 1872 - James  + Sarah Wedding
Fondata 1872 - James  + Sarah
Fondata 1872 - James  + Sarah Wedding

Tell me about your The Beginning!

Sarah was working as a retail assistant, and James was working as a barrister, with both the store and café close by. Sarah’s work friends told her that she must order coffee from the hot-tall-blonde-haired-guy (in due course, to be known as ‘coffee boy’). Sarah took the advice of her wise friends, and was a loyal, flirtatious customer for a few months, before she handed James her number. James admittedly left it a little long (3 days) before phoning Sarah. Their first date was at Izakaya Den, where Sarah ate nothing at all as she was so nervous. James was very pleased to eat all the sashimi.

When and where did you get engaged?

A perfect long weekend away at an AirBnb farmstay in the Heathcote / Macedon Ranges wine region. The proposal happened on the property up a hill during sunset. Fur-baby Jack had the most important role of being James’ ringbearer, slavishly carrying the ring up the hill. To Sarah’s surprise James was on one knee behind Sarah as she discovered the ring on Jack’s collar. Through a couple of tears, James expressed his love of Sarah’s beautiful qualities like her energy and smile and the few differences that makes them so complimentary.

What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

Cocktail, nothing out of the ordinary!

What are you most looking forward to on the Wedding Day?

Celebrating with friends and family

Top Tips!

Don’t over analyse everything, and get on with it!

Sarah & Jame’s Dream Team of Vendors

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