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5 Stunning Melbourne Wedding Venues Full Of Romance

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Pulsing with its own rhythm, Melbourne shares the beat of its heart with anyone lucky enough to walk its streets. From the vigorous thump of the inner city to the mellow timbre of blue-tinged mountains and picturesque coastlines, Melbourne can be the melody in the song of your wedding celebrations. Like its people, this city is diverse and you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to Melbourne wedding venues. 

That’s where I come in! I’ve compiled a list of the most romantic wedding venues in Melbourne so you can get a glimpse into these wondrous locations that can form the backdrop of your very own wedding day. 

1. The Wool Mill

Welcome to a space where the lines are clean, simplistic, black and white. Where the ceilings ascend high above the heads of dancing guests, pure white walls encase the space and black rafters showcase a slick inner city style. This double-storied venue has a few locations onsite to curate your dream wedding. The smaller options make for some of the most intimate wedding venues in Melbourne. 

The Laneway is industrial with exposed face brick – and it’s yours for the day. Whilst guests are enjoying some post-ceremony drinks, the wedding party can slink into this private laneway for a bit of revelry while your photographer captures the magic. Don’t forget to bring the Champagne out with you – it can make for a fantastic prop (and drink, of course!).

The ‘I Do Room’ is perfect for an onsite ceremony and can seat a capacity of 168 people. It’s situated on the mezzanine level and is an effortless space with white draping which allows you to make it as elaborate or simple as you prefer. The mezzanine can also host post-ceremony canapes for you and your guests – it’s perfect for drinking, glorifying and testifying to the love that everyone has just witnessed.

The feasting hall can seat 180 comfortably and is the perfect space for a banquet. Bright and light, elegant and minimalist, it’s a blank canvas for you to create a space in your style. Go with pops of colour, floral decor or fairy lights – whatever you wish! The exposed black trusses resting high above the hall remind you of the mill conversion that has created this stunning city wedding venue. 

Lastly, the Wool Mill wedding venue has its Speakeasy Bar – it’s moody and ambient, and the perfect sliver of respite for a casual catch-up with whoever might be in the mood for a glass of something neat. It’s lovely for photographs and adds a gorgeous element to the day where guests can congregate for a good chat and step back to enjoy the moment.

2. Quat Quatta

A venue as intriguing as its name, Quat Quatta is an exceptional boutique wedding venue in Melbourne that has classic architecture and elegant style. The photo opportunities here are sensuous and dramatic with the classical curvature of arches, stairways, marble features, elevated ceilings doused with chandeliers and exquisitely tiled floors. You’ll feel like the star of a Bond film in this set-up! 

Quat Quatta will suit your every need from the wedding venue, to the space for 160 seated guests and 200 cocktail guests, to a dining hall as long as the night which can be styled to your choice. Quat Quatta wedding photography and wedding planning are available to you too.

The Courtyard is a space of pure romance with walls cloaked in head-to-toe green vines, glowing festoon lights and a bronze fountain. It even has a pop-up bar! It’s perfectly designed to have an on-site ceremony, followed by canapes and drinks.

There’s also a bar lounge that – true to the elegance of Quat Quatta – reveals tasteful style with a contemporary edge. With marble fireplaces and bars, and lavish furniture, it will draw you in for some time away from the dance, whilst you warm the cockles of your heart.

3. The Stones Of The Yarra Valley

Below the peaks of the Yarra ranges, you’ll find the Stones of the Yarra Valley wedding venue. Gorgeous centuries-old oak trees fringe the venue and vineyards stretch out into vistas that elicit awe. This venue is as dreamy as they come!

The Stones of Yarra Valley can accommodate anywhere from 65-200 guests, with perfectly curated spaces to administer each segment of your wedding day.

You can exchange vows in the rustic vine-laced chapel or under an old elm tree that pulls you under its canopy like the wing of a bird. From there, your guests can wander off to The Dairy, a perfect spot for lawn games, canapes and cocktails. This is an exquisite place for everyone to imbibe and mingle while the wedding party heads off to the stables to do a shoot.

A striking dining space ascends from the remnants of an 1860s barn. It’s here that you can seat your guests with a panoramic view from the 200 acres of vineyards and a horizon lined with the Great Dividing Range.

The venue itself can offer you every service you require from mouthwatering menus to wines, cocktails and champagnes. Styling, flowers and foliage are available to enhance your big day with the utmost ease. From festoon lights to lawn games, this venue has every whim of your fancy provided.

4. Coombe Yarra Valley

Coombe Yarra Valley wedding venue is rampant in romance. The Coombe Cottage was Dame Melba’s estate and is elegant beyond measure. There are seven acres of manicured gardens, featuring age-old moss-covered trees whose limbs stretch out far and arches that drip with white wisterias. Along with its history, it is one of the most sought-out wedding venues in Australia.

You’ll have ample choices for reception and ceremony locations with the capacity to host 80-120 guests. The majestic oak tree is an intimate and supremely romantic location. For larger guest lists, the tennis court is nestled in blossoming gardens. The Italian Garden is also available for your ceremony, with ornamental fruit trees and a monumental hedge flaunting a Tuscan-inspired touch of topiary. 

There’s also the clocktower, which is protected from the elements and perfect for that unpredictable Melbourne weather. The team will work with you to make any space on the estate grounds a part of your wedding day.

When it comes to the bells and whistles, Coombe offers an award-winning wine selection that’s handcrafted in small volumes from the regionally descriptive estate-grown fruit. Coombe will leave you salivating with a menu full of their fine seasonal produce, and the team will curate and coordinate your day in any style you prefer. This is what dreams are made of!

5. Rupert On Rupert

I could sum this venue up with one word: wow. But to give you a little more insight, I’ll indulge you in a description of a place that you’ll only really believe when you see it with your own eyes. 

A truly inspired city venue, it can even put ‘destination weddings’ on the back burner. It’s perfectly styled, balanced with dark city aesthetics and deep green botanical flares. Rupert on Rupert is one of the most romantic wedding venues in Melbourne – the gem that you’ve been searching for.

Their Conservatory is a breathtaking space to say ‘I do’. Tall two-storey-high glass walls and ceiling sheaths corner off this inner city jungle, creating a perfect area for a long slender aisle. A dark green wall creates the perfect backdrop and you can contrast it with floral decor around an arch, or leave it as is. It’s also perfect for post-ceremony mixing, drinking and eating canapes under a canopy of festoon lights that illuminate the night – creating an outdoor feeling without the wiggling worry of the weather. 

The Dining Hall can seat 80 guests, or have 200 standing. Soaring ceilings create stateliness and a unique warehouse conversion feel with the exposed rafters of dark steel. This is where the dance floor can be placed, so we can see your guests cut some shapes!

The cocktail lounge is an unexpected nook where a meandering guest might find themselves charming in conversation and a cocktail casually in hand. This sneaky gem is glowing in old-world comforts, vintage lamps, leather chesterfields and mid-century carpentry. A perfect place for the wedding party to enjoy a nerve-calming tipple before the ceremony, or for a drink to break the vigour needed for dancing. It’s an inner-city wonderland and a venue that I love to shoot.

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Never forget that your wedding day is a truly special event. It creates the foundation for your lives and it’s the most romantic day a couple can experience. It’s only fitting to choose a venue that can rival your romance with its charm! 

Having traversed from venue to venue as a Melbourne wedding photographer, I’ve selected these venues to share with you, and I’ve watched how each couple has added their magic to the venue. Now it’s time for you to conjure your own real-life magic! If you want a hand, I specialise in Melbourne wedding photography, so send me a message if you have any questions or would like to find out more about what I do, and why I have such a passion for love!

A wedding photographer based in Melbourne, Victoria. I love to have a good time and capture candid, natural moments shared between loved-up couples and their favourite people. 

Hey lovers, I’m Kelly